3 Stellar Ways To Create Mind-Blowing Content That Commands Attention And Engagement.

3 Stellar Ways To Create Mind-Blowing Content That Commands Attention And Engagement.

Today you and I will know the 3 Stellar ways to create mind-blowing content that commands attention and engagement.

One of the biggest challenges we all face when it comes to creating content is the ability to retain attention and engagement.​

​I used to spend countless hours crafting my content and publishing it in different formats only to find that nobody found interest in it, hardly anyone reached out or opted into my list.

As a result, I failed to attract my target audience into my world.

1. Attention and engagement is the currency of the internet. ​

Attention and engagement

If you’re not getting people’s attention, if you are unable to create content which people would want to consume, you’re not going to get sales.​

So, we have to find out what is it that gets people to consume your content, establish your self as an authority and ​ make stand out from your competitor in your space. ​

For me, It became an uphill battle as I searched across multiple resources all scattered over the internet to find the universal primal switches that you can incorporate in your content that can retail attention.

I am going to share with you the top three ways of crafting content that has been working for me and many others who have tried it. Check these out!

2. A feeling of elevated Status.​

feeling of elevated Status.​

Can you position your content in a way that makes the person feel like it will elevate their social status once they consume it?​

No matter what you’re selling, No matter what industry you’re in, ​

If you can position your content as something that solves a problem which elevates their social status and makes them look better than everyone else, without making a fool out of themselves then you have activated the status switch.​

For example: ​

  1. How to deliver a killer sales pitch that will 5x your sales without coming across as pushy and try hard.
  2. How to start your own online business without losing your job.

How to start a conversation with a stranger without facing embarrassment.

Now most people would want to read it because it the result gives an elevated status and diminishes the negative consequence of the action. 

So the main word here is “without”​

The contrast switch.​

We are always looking for something tangible and specific, also we have a strange fascination with before and after or any kind of transformation-based stories.

​Because that’s like the best way our brain processes tangible results and transformation.

When you create any kind of content that talks about a transformation or a before after effect followed by the strategy that made it happen, then it will always get people engaged.

‼️The best way to implement this is by using what I call the Anti-you-formula. 

First figure out the version of themselves that they don’t want to be, the emotional state they dread of having, the exact kind of days they would want to avoid at all cost.​

For example, they are not getting any sales, they’re frustrated, they move from tactic to tactic nothing seems to work, they are just spending money but nothing is really happening.​

Then figure out the version that they yearn to be, figure out what is the emotional state, the daily life that they dream of and then draw a comparison between the two.

Then when you create your content, you vividly describe the two versions of them and talk about the strategy that will help them to transition from the version they hate to the version they dream of.

You can start something like​

This is a tale of two entrepreneurs or Meet Bill and Meet Ben where Bill could be the dreaded version while Ben could be the dream version and then describing each character in detail.​

So, this contrast between the version that they absolutely dread.

And the you that they’ve been dying to be will make your content appear more tangible and when you talk about the strategy to cross that bridge it becomes something highly relatable and engaging.​

3. Boost the Relatability​

Boost the Relatability​ 

Something I learned from one of Russel’s book is.

If you want people to adopt a new concept and want to get them buying into your idea, you have to lead them to the answer, but you can’t give it to them.

So, when you are crafting a piece of content, always explain the concept or the message you want to share using a story, because your goal is to guide them to a conclusion which is aligned to your message.

When this happens then people feel more inspired to act.​

So, when you are crafting a piece of content, you can use this simple formula to have a story that leads you target audience to a decision.

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Your backstory: ​ Where you started from, your humble beginning where most of your audience is at right now.

Your Struggle: All the obstacles and the pain you had to go through; this is exactly where you are covering the pain point that your audience is going through and they relate to you.

Your revelation: This is where you cover what is that new revelation or the AHA moment of your life which changed everything.​

Your Strategy: Here you cover what is the strategy or the process you used to put your revelation to work and the hurdles you over came.

Your achievement and the solution: This where you talk about how that strategy has helped you and how can it help them.​

​The call to action: This is where you finally tell them what they can do to get a similar achievement and overcome their problem.​

Bonus Tip: Novelty and Bold Claim​

People get excited when they get to know something new, that has never been done before and they are the ones getting to know about it first.

So, It’s like a gold rush, something life-changing and magical, that nobody else knows.​

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For example, If you say something like:​

Over my last 10 years of experience as a marketer, there has been several opportunities that enabled people to grab on to and make huge profits and then it no longer worked out for them, 

​But what I am about to show you is something which I believe is the only system in the world that can work for lifetime you 

‼️New secret opportunity on Facebook nobody talks about that gets me 30 highly qualified leads every day without spending a single dime on Ads, and how it can do the exact same thing for you 

You have to be able to make a big claim that hypes up your idea or product or service without compromising on how believable it is.​

For example – 

The Simple 3 step process that will get you unlimited leads in within 21 days.​

This is why most people are trying to make it fail because they cannot figure out that the only reason something becomes appealing is the emotion behind it

If you can create a novelty around your content by making a big claim that is believable, then people will be more than eager to consume your content. ​

When you express your content in such a manner, you are no longer pushing anyone to take action, rather you are inspiring an action.​

​So whenever, you are crafting your content, use these three stellar tips to make your content stand out and commendable.​

​In fact, there are several other ways to make your content stand out. ​

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Mind-blowing Content Attention And Engagement.

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