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Top 5 Reasons Why People Buy From You Even If you Feel They won't

Top 5 Reasons Why customers Buy From You [Products]

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Buy From You Even If you Feel They won’t.

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Do you feel intimidated thinking that there is already someone out there in your Niche who is crushing it?​

​In front of him, you feel like you just don’t stand a chance.​

You are probably thinking that you are not a big enterprise, you are not this gigantic brand, and there is no way you can make it in your niche because someone else is dominating it.​

You are not alone! I had to deal with this feeling way too many times.

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What it did to me was it made me a world-class procrastinator, slowing things down for my business as if it is never going to happen! ​

It made me constantly question my abilities​
My emotions kept on a constant swing between hope and self-doubt.

I would ask myself “​Why will anyone want to work with me?”

And I will share with you few mind shifts that I learned from my mentor that have helped me immensely to get past this feeling.

Top 5 Reasons why people buy products 

Below are the Top 5 Reasons why customers buy products from you.

1. If they like you and they connect to you

The fundamental element of human nature is almost all decisions are driven by emotions.​

People buy with their emotions first and then justify them with logic.​

If you are someone who is constantly offering value and building likeability, you will attract people because they will start liking you. ​

This is one of the fundamental effects of mastering attraction marketing

I came across this concept when I read the concept of the “Attractive Character” in Russel’s Dotcom secrets.​

​This you can achieve if you can master the art of writing compelling copy or captivate your audience with your video. ​

If you can appeal to their why and the deeper reason behind them wanting to solve their problems.​

Certain words can have a magical effect on emotions when you inspire in the right way. So when they consume your content, they feel connected to you as a person.​

If you can accomplish this ability they will be invested in you and ready to invest in you.​

2. If you because their gateway

There are still a lot of people who are yet to know about the possibilities your abilities can offer them.

Even now I meet many people who are still unaware of the power of the online world.

There are still people I meet who do not understand the potential of organic traffic and attraction marketing.​

Every time I have been the first person for someone to introduce them to these ideas, I have always been the go-to person for them.​

So, if you become their gateway, if you become the first person in your niche that someone finds, you will be looked up to as an enormous authority in that field.​

3. If you can Speak the same words that go in their mind

Have you ever been to an event and you felt like the speaker has hijacked your brain? ​

It seemed like that person knew exactly what you are thinking, what you are going through, and directly talking to you.​

Did you have a sense of relativity and familiarity with that person? ​

If you can make your audience feel that you get them completely, you understand their problem and you can offer a solution better than anyone else, you are the one they will hire.​

4. If you can establish credibility with Jaw-dropping content.

If you can provide incredible value with mind-blowing content that can give them a mini transformation. They would want more from you.

With every mini-transformation, they get closer to their goals and they look up to you for it. ​

They would now want to work with you because you have already given them life-changing breakthroughs before they paid you anything.​

This develops a huge degree of trust which plays a crucial in the buyer’s decision-making.​

Your ability to create captivating content is a skill that you can master. I have been learning this from my mentor.​

5. If they feel you are in their reach

​People will come to you if they feel that you are affordable for them.​

Also, even though the big brand in your niche may have a huge following, sometimes it gets intimidating and a bit too impressive.

This makes those big brands less relatable than you because often many clients want to work with others who are not so far ahead of them. When you are just a few steps ahead, you become more relatable.​

So, in a way, the fact that you are not way too ahead plays to your advantage.​

anytime have self-limiting doubts and I start measuring myself against the big shots in my niche, these are the reframing thoughts I keep going back to over and over again.

All credits go to my mentor who has been helping me overcome these self-limiting thoughts.​In fact, through his teachings, I  get 20 to 30 leads daily without spending a dime, in complete autopilot. I keep on saying this because I truly see all the changes happening just through his free training and it just blew my mind.​

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