Top 5 Mistakes I Made When Launching My First Digital Product | Creating

Top 5 Mistakes I Made When Launching My First Digital Product | Creating

Top 5 Mistakes I Made When Launching My First Digital Product | Creating digital product 

Hello Guys, This is your controversial Lazy Blogger (MR-JEFF), We all know the potential of creating digital courses. Just a one-time effort and we can en cash it forever .​

But is it really as easy as it sounds? I don’t know about you, but I was getting almost no sales and I had been keeping on spending on ads and tools.​

​Has it ever happened that you plan out your course for several months and then spend few more months recording and creating content.​

Add few more months if you are a procrastinator like me. ​

​​Then spend additional few more months planning its launch. You then wait for miracles to happen and you face your worst nightmare when reality hits you hard

No Sales, only crickets!​

When I created my first digital product, I did the same thing, and it was disheartening to see all my ambitious planning go in vain.​

​​I then tried to add more videos, more bonuses and kept on thinking that the course is not good enough, changing its design and what not.​

​But the real reasons can be completely different from what you think

So here I have summarized list of all the mistakes I made and hopefully it is going to help you too​.

Try to Cover everything….

Top 5 Mistakes I Made When Launching My First Digital Product | Creating

​I always thought that the more things I can cover in my course the better it will be.

I tried to create one giant course that promised everything rather than focusing on one problem area.​

​​I always thought that if I don’t cover everything, I will be under delivering. I was coming from a place where I thought more in terms of giving more knowledge and less on result.​

As a result, what happened was I had created a huge course, which was overwhelming for the people who would consume it.

And, it also meant that I had to put enormous effort to get it done.

It also meant that I had to price it way lower than I should.

The truth is you have to go deep and not wide. It should focus and zoom in on one specific problem.​

If you cover every possible problem in your course, you will end up covering areas in which you are not an expert at, which in turn will reduce the quality of your product.

So, focus on one pain point, one problem and help them solve it as thoroughly as you can. Go in deep and no…

1. Building and Targeting the right Audience before lunching my product

I did not have an audience already built for me before launching my product and I had no evidence that my product was something that people actually needed.

The best way to validate your product is to pre-sell it before actually creating it. Many coaches ask to conduct a survey, but the validation happens only if people are willing to open their wallets for you before it is even created.

So, what you need is to first build your own audience, put out your offer even before creating the product and then sell your product through a compelling offer, even before you actually create it.​

And to make that happen, you need to build an audience.​

​Also I was not specific as to which segment of my audience would I target. I had created a course which was too basic and I was targeting the advanced segment of my audience, who already felt knew what my course was about. superb..​

2. Not being truly Original

Another mistake I did was, I was being too one dimensional. I did not know exactly how to research online to create content that can actually transform and give a proper result.

My content lacked depth, because of which I could not write out or explain the exact benefits my audience will get, which in turn impacted my sales..​

I was also trying to be a carbon copy of someone else, mimicking their funnel, and not being able to carve out my own originality.​

People don’t want to buy more of the same, especially if the ‘same’ thing you’re selling as everyone else hasn’t worked for your customer in the past.

​What you need to do is provide a new approach to solve the problem they are facing and give them the tangible result, rather than selling an improved version of something that already exists. 

​So the focus should be to be different rather than selling an improved version of something existing.

This is best done by speaking against the existing convention in your industry. You say everyone is telling “xyz” but that doesn’t work now because they are missing a crucial component which I am about to show you.​

By being different you immediately eliminate competition.

​3. Not a Value Ladder and having an Irresistible offer

This is a concept I learned from Russel’s book dotcom secrets, where he says that its essential to have a journey crafted out for your buyer.

This is basically breaking down the big problem you are trying to solve into smaller problems and then have an irresistible ​ offer in alignment to all those problems.

If I just create one product without planning out what can be the next that can help them move closer to the ultimate goal, then people will just buy my product and forget so I would lose out on building relationship and having repeat buyers.

But if you have a stack of products ready each built to help them along the way, then they can buy more products depending on their goals and ambition.​

Also , instead of just selling the course, ​ you have to put together a package that will contain many other assets other than just the course. ​

Those are the additional materials that can help them achieve a tangible result faster.

4. Not having proper content to support the digital product lunch

I did not prepare any relevant content, following a proper planning that can move my potential buyers through the entire customer journey.​

I did not craft and plan my content so that they go from a stage of being unaware of the problem to the point where they are eagerly waiting for the solution to the problem they have.​ I was unable to create content that could educate them and inspire them to act.​

I would create irrelevant content that was unrelated to my product and then suddenly present my offer out of nowhere, completely disrupting the context.​

5. Not having proper copy that can Influence people to buy

Buyers will always check to see what tangible results they are going to achieve after buying the course because, people pay for the results, they pay because they believe in exchange of the money they will be able to move from their dread to their dream.

They are looking for transformation with specific implementation steps and not just information.​

In fact there goes a saying which says Tell them what they want to hear and show them what they need to know.

We focus a lot on detailing the content of the course but forget to project what is the ultimate result of the course they will get.​

We miss out on evoking the desire towards the tangible result and the pain of not having it. ​

This means understanding the underlying emotions that drive them for the change and project the tangible benefit aligned with those emotions.

No one wants just a mattress, they want a good nights sleep.​

People don’t want to learn the protein percentage in their diet , they just need a diet that can help them cut

down 10 pounds over the next 21 days.

People don’t want to know the mechanics behind a sales funnel they want a funnel that converts and sells.​

It is all about the benefits and the results rather than the features.​

​Another, element which we forget is to implement urgency and scarcity. We need to give the buyers a reason to buy now rather than later.

This is done by putting in legitimate urgency and scarcity in your copy.

Wasting a lot of money on running.

I failed to realize in my early days that I needed to have a good experience in writing copies and building a high converting funnel, before I run cold traffic to it.

I did not have the expertise so I ran Ads that did not resonate with people, my funnel messaging was messed you.

I just thought I needed to advertise and promote my course to earn sales, so I spent large sums of money on ineffective online ads doing it all by myself having no marketing experience whatsoever which inevitably resulted in no sales.

If you are starting out or in the intermediate stages of marketing then don’t waste money on Ads.​

Either learn more about creating persuasive copy and creating high converting funnels (which I don’t recommend unless you want to become an ads expert or a funnel builder expert)


Hire an expert who can build high converting funnels and run high converting Ads.

So my Question to you is 

Lunching My First Digital Products.

Have you thought of every creating your own digital product yet

Creating your own products is what helps you 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗢𝗨𝗧 in the market and helps establish your personal BRAND!

I have created more than 20 digital products , which enable me to earn Residual income every month with just a one time Effort.

If you Feel like you want to SET YOURSELF APART as an Affiliate or as a Coach by creating your own digital product or you are struggling to get sales from your product.

Then Creating your own digital product is the key!!

Maybe you are struggling to sell through social media.

Maybe you are struggling to create captivating social media content.

Maybe you are struggling to build your own digital products

Or maybe you are just lost because you feel stuck!

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