3 killer Tips To Fix Low Quality Content That Will Attracts Clients And Gets You Sales in 2021

3 killer Tips To Fix Low Quality Content That Will Attracts Clients And Gets You Sales in 2021

Why is your content not attracting your ideal CLIENTS and getting SALES for you ?

The 3 killer Tips To Fix Low Quality Content that will attracts Clients and gets you sales in 2021


When it comes to getting clients through social media, one of the crucial elements that can make or break your business is the quality of the content that you publish.​

Even when you are not around, it is your content that showcases your credibility, establishes authority builds relationships and offers the value necessary enough to intrigue your prospective clients to want to work with you or subscribe to you.​

​So, without the right content, you will fail to attract the right people into your world.​

Keeping this in mind these are the three killer tips that can raise your awareness as to why your content is not getting you clients and what can you do RIGHT NOW to fix it

Here it goes !​

1. Type of Content You Publish on your wall.

The TYPE OF CONTENT you post will determine the type of people you attract into your world

Type of Content You Publish on your wall. 

Your messaging, the words you use, the images you share determine the kind of audience you will attract.​

If you post a freedom lifestyle type content nice cars, travelling city to city, hot men and women and other flashy stuff then it will attract the younger youth. If you use curse words more, you will attract the youth more.​

But, if you post something deeper, like mindset, or any in depth high value content that someone can put to use in their business or life. Then its something more matured people will relate to.​

​That is why you it is crucial that you have to know the age range of the people you are targeting and post stuff relevant to that age group.​

2. Your content is not for you, rather it is for your audience

​I see so many people they just keep on posting the same content over and over again, even if they are not getting any engagement.​Your content is not for you, rather it is for your audience

They don’t look at the data, they don’t look at the reactions or the number of comments they get. They just keep on posting because they just love posting their type of content.​

‼️But you have to remember, the content you post is never about you, its always about your target audience.​

If you are stubborn and don’t match your marketing message with the age group then you lose your audience, and if that happens , who is at a loss ?​

Don’t post a content just because you love it and you think that makes you look cool.​

Post something that will be of relevance to your audience.​

So, offer the kind of value that fits!​

If it’s about you, then you will never grow, it has to be always about your audience.​

3. Not Putting Sufficient Effort

Lot of People put a low effort into their content, they just put some stuff for the sake of putting out things. They just spit out content after content, just because they know they need to have content.​3. Not Putting Sufficient Effort 

They don’t want to research the pain points and write content pieces that actually can solve a problem. ​

Gone are those days when you just put some generic quotes on your wall and people respond to it.​

Whenever I write a post its always at least an hour. I think of the best way to put the right content that will benefit my audience.​

It is just a one-time effort. Know this , your post is an asset, it works for you even when you are not around in attracting people into your world.​

So to summarize the three points why are you not getting engagement.​

Either you do not have the right audience and you are putting the wrong things.​

You do have the right target audience but you are putting the wrong things.​

​Or may be you have both but you are not putting enough effort to make your content compelling.

P.S. : You also need to do a profile clean up if you see a certain group of people not engaging with your posts consistently then remove them and add new people and start interacting with them.

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P.P.S. If you feel you are stuck when it comes to creating captivating #socialmediacontent that attracts client and gets you sales

If you have any relevant questions to ask p.s drop a comment on our comment box below or shoot me a DM let’s break through your walls !!

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