Tips and Track To Get Google AdSense Approval: 12 Simple Steps

Tips and Track To Get Google AdSense Approval: 12 Simple Steps

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12 Tips to get Google AdSense Approval And today I am here to help you get Google AdSense approval, now quite a few different people have asked me about this and I thought you know what I should probably create a contents so what I have done here is, Tips and Track To Get Google AdSense Approval: 12 Simple Steps that’ll help you get approved fast by Google AdSense.

Tips and Track To Get Google AdSense Approval: 12 Simple Steps 

Now, Google AdSense truth be told, it can be a pretty tricky beast

If you’ve never been approved there before generally speaking if you already have a website that’s been approved on Google AdSense it’s pretty simple to get other website and get them into your account

but what about those that have never been approved or are having a lot of problems getting approved that’s exactly who this article is for now

before I even start with my list of the 12 different tips that I have for you to get Google AdSense Approval!

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I do want to mention if you’re looking at Google Adsense or you, you know are once you get approved that sort of thing keep in mind there is a platform that I have a big fan of called ease o Ik and you can actually click the link above to see it

but ease oeq is basically a a platform that will use Google adsense and what it does is it

actually will look at your website and it will use artificial intelligence to more strategically place your ads

in certain areas where they’re more likely to be clicked without completely ruining your user experience

But by doing so basically ease Olek makes it so that you can actually make  more money once you have your ads on Website and everything’s going well!

In addition to that they also have a new plugin for site like  speed so if your  website is really slow they have a new plugin with Website spend that really really helps with that it’s like super automate it’s really cool plugin .

So definitely check that out as well okay so let’s go ahead and get into it

So the number one and what I consider one of the most important things if you’re trying to get approved with Google AdSense is that you need to make sure that you have;

1 High Quality Content

On your website now some people think that this doesn’t matter but it does

because now Google is reviewing and they’re making sure that the  website that they are approving aren’t Just a bunch of spun content people who are copying and pasting content form other website they want to make sure if they just keep them out of their search results

In general so anyone who’s trying to do the shortcuts forget about it you’re not gonna get a proof for Google adsense

But if that isn’t you right and you have created a high quality content! There’s other things  to look at as well

but just make sure that you have High Quality Content on your website and you  can actually find the  Google Publisher policies to kind of help you understand what Google considers good in the description below 

I included a link for you but just keep in mind Google wants good results in search engine result Pages they want good results so if you don’t have Google high quality content then there’s a good chance that you’ll get to neither and they’re not going to monetize your website

because they know if they monetize it  you’re probably not gonna make money and you’re probably gonna quite that’s why that happen.

2. Create 10-15 High Quality Post

And this goes back to the high quality Content before you even apply to Google adsense! What i always advise people who have asked me about this you should 10- 15 high quality post on your website to make sure that Google knows that you’re taking it serious that your website really does have some articles and some things that can be monetized 

People when they’re reviewing this stuff they want to see this generally speaking you want to have 10 to 15 thousand words on your website.

So you know if you have like a thousand to 1500 words per articles that’s a pretty good number this will help you get approved because it basically shows your voice/effort on your website 

And it helps Google to understand the quality of your contents which is very very important.

Next is that you absolutely to get Google AdSense approval you need to stay focus on this articles and also drop your comments on our Comment box below .

As you say it, but the truth is guys I do need you to focus on this articles because if you focus on this articles more people who are trying to solve this  problem like you will be able to find Their answer!

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3. Create About and Contact Pages

So, number three and this is something that I think a lot of people miss out on, when you create a website you have to have an about Pages and you have to have a contact Page before you apply for Google AdSense.

And this is well it’s pretty simple why when  they are doing a review on your website they want to make sure that it’s legitimate so the person behind the website that’s why  you have a About pages usually.

If it’s not just you know a profit you can have a staff you know in the different staff that are involved you can do that but they want to know who’s behind the site and then  really importantly too they want to have a contact Page 

So that all of your website visitors if they need need to can actually reach out to contact you by having those two pages 

You’re going to further validate the fact that you are a legitimate business and that is what’s really really important to Google when they’re looking at you from a Google Adsense perspective. 

4. Create a privacy Policy Page

Number four is that, you really need to make sure you create a privacy Policy Page. 

This is a very common thing that people you know they screw up on with it just a common misstep that hot people have because a lot of times like I don’t really know what to include in the privacy policy page

And honesty you can look on Google you can find a ton of different generator the most important thing is their specific verbage that has to be in your privacy Policy right ;

There’s some specific things that Google says has to be in there so again.

If you look in the notes to this articles below I’ve included a link and that explains everything that Google adsense has to say about the privacy policy including the verbage that they want you to including yours and  really it’s super easy guys you just have to copy and paste it .

5. Confirm Website content Isn’t on Restricted List

Number Five and this is one that I think some people probably  don’t look at or  don’t really you know,

Think about before they even create a website is that you want to ensure that your content material isn’t at the restricted listing.

And sure google adsense does have a confined list and if you have a internet site and your content is limited because it’s one of these matters that i know we’re now not going to permit you to advertise with that then goodbye adsense.

That’s simply the reality of the state of affairs. So there are numerous specific rules and the entirety

I have included a hyperlink directly telling you what the publisher restrictions are, however generally talking you could’t have whatever sexual you may’t have shocking, you realize, normally like killing, you know terrorism those styles of things those awful things explosive

Website that’s a fitness-based totally website. And numerous it’s far on these kinds of distinctive dietary supplements and things that perhaps aren’t validated and you realize, they can be kind of sketchy.

It truly looks as if google adsense would possibly deny you for that now which i don’t believe that they did that earlier than with those so that’s some thing to hold a watch out. However again, in case you need to peer the overall list, just click on within the link.

6. Do not use copyright pictures

Do no longer use copyrighted pictures. I’m able to’t strain this enough.

If you have long past and also you must by no means do that. By no means move into google get an photograph take it put it at once for your website In no way ever do this. There are usage rights, which protects photographers, you already know paintings tough to position up those pix. They ought to be paid. They have to be compensated.

In case you do it where you simply pass into google and also you seize an picture and you put it up.

Is there’s an excellent hazard that Google AdSense you whoever is calling at your website will come there. See what you’ve executed and then simply say no, we’re no more going to approve because these aren’t even your pics.

So that’s not a very, you recognize, legitimate way of doing matters. So ensure which you don’t try this if you’re wondering and you’re sitting there pronouncing nicely, i don’t have a ton of money for snap shots or i don’t clearly recognize wherein to get photographs.

I individually use unique assets. The first is absolutely free and it’s miles known as pixabay.Com and the second one which does cost cash but genuinely has loads of one-of-a-kind pictures.

You can get a pretty affordable price in case you’d like a month-to-month plan and that is shutterstock.Com.

7. Website Should be older than 1-3 months

This doesn’t apply to anywhere but i had to consist of right here is that occasionally your website age will depend now? This isn’t as massive of a deal in the us and a number of extraordinary international locations, but particularly google has made a call out to the ones which can be in china and additionally that are in india saying that you need to have your websites for as a minimum least six months before you even observe to google adsense.

I accept as true with that they’ve carried out this due to the fact there had been loads of fraud websites that have been created and driven into the surroundings into their , google search outcomes and that they surely didn’t like that and they didn’t like how people were seeking to game the system inside the area.

I don’t understand all the specifics, however i recognise that they’ve made point out of these international locations specially, so in case you’re there then wait six months if you’re now not there, that’s in all likelihood no longer the difficulty in case you’re getting denied, that’s in all likelihood not the difficulty. So that you don’t in reality need to worry about it

8.  don’t buy banned domain

Your website isn’t banned now for those who have created a site from scratch.

They offered the area sparkling don’t even fear approximately this. This isn’t going to be something that’s going to appear.

Until you were already informed which you were banned from google adsense.

Then yeah, you’ve got a problem. But if that’s no longer the case normally speaking when you have began from scratch, you’re now not going to have this if you have purchased a website or you obtain a domain call you there’s a there’s an off hazard that your website virtually has been been previously from google adsense.

It’s something really worth searching into once more. There is a website. Below in, it’s referred to as bandcheck.Com to look if you’ve been banned by using google

Usually speak more, most websites aren’t and it’s no longer some thing to do with but it’s genuinely a great aspect to check out.

9. Your Website appearance respectable

Now, this doesn’t imply that you have to go purchase top rate issues and do all the stuff. I’m now not going to inform you to try this.

You don’t need to do this, however you want to make sure that your website looks first rate.

You need to make sure that your internet site has all the bells and whistles and that once a person goes to it, it doesn’t simply look like a bunch of like vintage college 90s jumbled html thrown together to in which it’s like tough to navigate, , all that sort of stuff.

So simply commonly speaking you may as long as you’re the use of like a wordpress default fall themed considered one of their free issues or you have got a subject matter which you’ve bought someplace You’re going to be in right form.

I’m able to say in case you’re at all fascinated, you can click on approximately for this.

My encouraged topics which i exploit that’s them forearm you can go there and you can virtually examine more approximately that what i do with my entire gadget and everything, but just, you recognize, usually speak to me.

Simply make sure that you have something that looks decent it may be very minimal. You don’t need to have a bunch of pics all the stuff however as lengthy because it’s organized and looks as if a internet site have to and it’s usually exact enough.

10 – clear website navigation

I used to be just saying make certain that you have a clear internet site navigation. Now the majority, you already know, that is like an afterthought.

It’s like bad sad clear navigation, however sometimes websites don’t write or , something you’re the use of. Is it genuinely that clean and that’s kind of a problem as it doesn’t surely deliver validity to the website itself.

So simply make certain that your navigation in your internet site. Your main navigation is effortlessly discovered an without problems available.

Variety made a piece as robert aqune era as get em. Kabocha avicii coding mystery notably oogy.

11. writer should be 18 years or older

Make certain which you are of age. So with google adsense you need to be 18 years or older for to have an adsense account, when you are filling out an utility they ask you to your birthday. In case you are underneath 18 years vintage, you are not allowed to get an adsense approval account that being said. That doesn’t imply you could’t do it. What you want to do. If you are under 18 years old and in case you are super hold doing what you’re doing. That’s first rate.

You’re starting so early, however if you are below 18 have a figure or felony parent put their call into it recognize that the tests are going to be made out to that individual and now not use so ensure it’s a person you consider but so long as that individual is willing to cash in for you assist you along with that.

12. Cast off different commercials community advertisements

If you’re making use of and also you keep getting rejected. You’re not sure why ensure that when you have commercials on your site already which you take away the ones ads because the application technique goes through. So the motive for this it is totally ok and google absolutely says this it’s definitely k to apply different ad networks.

It works along side google adsense that’s definitely inside the phrases of service and 100% great.

However while you are making use of a person goes to return for your website and they’re going to review your internet site if they see a gaggle of commercials stoning up everywhere in the place.

They’ll simply say, you know what this websites already type of spammy. They already have a bunch of ads, so we’re no longer even going to approve them for right here due to the fact they’re already taken care of what those different guys so that you don’t need to adsense approval on website

So just commonly speaking whilst you’re going to the software system eliminate the commercials for the you understand, usually 3 to 5 days that it takes for them to approve it. And as long as you’ve completed that, you understand, after they approve it you can cross in advance and put up google adsense and another advert community you want as nicely. All right men, so there it’s miles. I hope you loved this one in.

12 Tips and Track to help you get Approval from Google AdSense.



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