Secret Santa Gift | 3 Life-Changing Lessons We All Can Learn From

Secret Santa Gift | 3 Life-Changing Lessons We All Can Learn From

The SECRET Santa GIFT and the 3 Life-Changing lessons we all can learn from! 

Remember the childhood Christmas days, when you eagerly waited for santa!​

When I was a kid, I used to be always awaiting the Christmas, because I used to be thrilled thinking what gifts will Santa give me.​

I remember, how I used to write letters to Santa, wishing my gifts and how my dad used to tell me, he will send it over.​

For me the most exciting thing about Christmas was imagining how Santa would come over!​

For me the most amazing thing about Christmas was this idea that,​

All I needed to do was just write a letter of what I wished for and it would just magically appear!​

And, also imagining how Santa would come over!​

A man dressed in this enormous red coat, with his heavy black boots and snow-white beard, Carrying a gigantic bag of goodies and gifts!​

Flying on a reindeer sleigh sliding down the chimney While the world rests to make my wishes come true!​

But then, it happened..​

One Christmas night, when I woke up​
I saw my dad caringly snugging in the gifts for me!​

And at that moment I realized, it was never actually Santa, rather it was my dad, through all those years making my wishes come true :)​

As loving it was and as much as I adored the gifts, there were three things, that this little story taught me about life!​

Nothing appears in front of you magically!​

You need to go out there and make it happen for yourself. ​

Just waiting and hoping that things will happen never works!​

When I used to write those letters, I actually had this reality that its literally just writing down your stuff, then going to sleep and things will pop out of nowhere!​

You will have lot of existing paradigms being shattered as you venture in your business.​

The things which you started doing thinking is the right thing can turn out to be all wrong!​​u

You have to be okay with burning your old perceptions and re learn the new.​

The same way I got a Paradigm shift that it was my dad who wanted to keep the spirit of Santa in me alive gave me the gifts.​

​Enjoy the little gifts that life is always giving you.​

Even though Santa is not coming down your chimney, but there are always the little gifts which life gives you that you can cherish forever!​

 Practicing gratitude for where you are now and painting a compelling future to make the world a better place!​

The spirit of Santa is always alive in us​
Its that same spirit that drives us to build an impact, to make the world a better place!​​

And with that same teen spirit with which I wrote the letters of wishes to Santa.​

​I want to wish everyone of you, who has been here with me, whether you loved me or hated me.​

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​Merry Christmas

How many of you are all pumped up to make it bigger and better this year?

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