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Reasons why people fail with Affiliate marketing Training courses

Ever Wonder Why People Fail With Affiliate Marketing


Reasons why people fail with Affiliate Marketing 

There are countless reasons but let’s say as a newbie you’ve bought your first affiliate marketing training course or maybe 2-3 training courses because you value education.

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You started to realize

  • The importance of building an email list
  • How Landing Page/ Squeeze Page
  • Funnel Works
  • How Traffic works

You decided to give it a go and hoping to make sales but your results speak for themselves!

You felt frustrated but you’re not a quitter you try a different traffic source and your favorite guru reassure you that it’s a long term game and you need to work on your mindset

Along your journey, you bombarded with emails, adverts and you stumbled across another guru who focuses purely on High Target Marketing and after doing some research you’ve read plenty of testimonials that students are getting massive success

You felt that promoting low ticket affiliate offers are bogus and can never make you rich and you’ve implant a new belief that High Ticket is the way

Because with Hight Ticket

  •  You Focus On High-Quality People
  • 2-5 Sales Can Generate You $5k Month
  • People Are Ready To Buy As They Have An Elevated Mindset

You happily bought your high ticket program and after following the training, you starting optimizing your profile,

you’ve master organic marketing and because you don’t have a product of your own, you know you just need to promote the high ticket program itself because

  1. Building High Converting Funnels Is Not Your Thing (Why Reinvent The Wheel Anyway)
  2. Not Experience Enough To Write Good Copy
  3. Being Shy On Camera And To Do Sales Video (Leave That To The Pros)
  4. Running FB Ads And Diving Into Paid Traffic Is Not On Your Budget

You attend every weekly coaching

You started producing content, trying to be on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, finally appearing as a broke influencer on social media

This has become your full-time job now and although you’re not making money you’re not a quitter, giving up is not an option, you are failing forward and hoping results will come but nothing yet.

After a while, you’re thinking maybe you should get into coaching, it’s a $50k month booming business.

coaching coaches on how to coach other coaches to sell coaching 

But you’re left dry out with no money, but let’s add this on the vision board as a future goal


Have you been through all this yet?

What could be the missing puzzle?

The truth is most affiliate programs focus on selling their training course to show you the path and then you are left on your own which is not wrong!

But what if you could learn

Affiliate Marketing For FREE, have an expert drive traffic using his own money to help you build your list, help you earn commissions without any heavy lifting, promote different offers instead of one, and share the commissions with you

Have a huge community to support you with engagements to build your social presence so that you can become an authority figure in the shortest time possible

Hmm, wouldn’t that be super amazing?

No doubt you will be Earn while Learning right!!

If you want to start Earning While Learning,

Type ” Ready To Earn

and I will show you for FREE what you are missing out on!

PS: One day you will say to yourself I have learned something of extreme value for free and I can’t believe how simple it is and here I am now

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop your questions in our comment section below. I know we can tell you the reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing.

You need to learn affiliate marketing training courses

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