3 Simple Steps: Powerful Influencer Uses To Build Their MASSIVE Audience 2020

3 Simple Steps: Powerful Influencer Uses To Build Their MASSIVE Audience 2020

The 3 Simple steps which every powerful Influencer uses to build their MASSIVE Audience

And how you can do it too

Are you someone who is confused whether your product or service is something that people will actually buy?​

​Or maybe you spent months writing content and preparing your product only to find that it was a failed Idea.​

Or maybe you create an offer but nobody seems to buy ?​

​I dreaded this situation, and that was exactly what had happened to me back in the day when I just created my product and ran ads because someone told me I should just follow and never ask.

​But the good news is that failure has taught me a very important lesson which I will preach forever.​

And that is your ability to build an audience!

Once you build an audience or a list of highly qualified potential buyers, looking to solve the same problem which you can solve, and you have built a relationship on trust and connection with them, then you no longer need to sell.

​Your offer will sell by itself and you don’t need funnels, email lists, or any other costly tools to make it happen.​

​So before anything, the one thing.​

​Have you ever thought of how exactly do some influencers manage to build such massive audience and how can you use the same principles/strategies to build your own?

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I have found that they all have a simple 3 step framework – Evoke, Examine and Educate​​

1. Evok – They evoke the desire

​”Aim for the stars and you will land  in the moon”

​One of the primary elements when it comes to authentic influence building, is evoking the emotion of desire.​

​And there is no better place than that grand dream we had which we gave up on or setting the spark of having a dream into seriously pursuing the dream.

We as humans always have many unfulfilled desires and our job as an influencer is Fanning those flames and help them understand the gap between where they are and where they want to be. ​

​A dream, even if its an unlikely dream can still prove to be a powerful driving force of positive change in one’s life and as an influencer it is your responsibility to reignite those dreams because every inspiration starts with a desire.​

​And the only way to evoke those dreams is to Examine and Educate.\​

2. Examine – Examine the Gap​

They understand the exact gap that their ideal audience has when it comes to where they are and where they want to be.​

You will have to know your potential buyers pain points inside out, so that you can speak their language, and also to know exactly how you can fill that gap.​

Once you know that, it is a relatively easier to create the process or the tools they can exactly use to cover that gap.​

Are you still there (LOL) Sorry i was trying to get your attention to know if you are still following me! See let’s drop the third point

​3. Educate the process to cover the Gap 

Once you know the gap, then rather than trying to persuade, every influencer will educate and entertain.​

👉You can educate in two ways:-​

1. Eliminating their limiting beliefs​

2. Showing them the exact process of how to overcome the gap.​

​And the best way to do eliminate their limiting beliefs is through stories that narrate experiences which prove that the limiting beliefs can all be overcome

​If we stop here then all we are giving is false hope, and this is where all the manipulators come in.​

In fact some go to the extent of creating a false sense of entitlement with phrases like “you can do it”, “go get it”, “you deserve it”, giving shallow inspiration instead of any specific guidance of how to get it.​

But as an authentic influencer, your goal is to inspire a rebel against our cancerous self-doubt and self-talk of how one cant do it.​

​You need to follow this up with the right education of the tools and showing them exactly how to finally fill the gap from where they are to where they want to be.​

Influence is rooted in education, if you can educate someone how exactly they can reach their goals, if you can prove to them that your process is the ultimate way to make it happen then your offer will sell by itself.

This is exactly where your product or service comes in.​

So, the process is :​

  1. Evoke the desire even if that means you become their first person who believes in their dreams.​
  2. Examine to find the gap of where they are and where they want to be.
  3. Educate to show them the exact process to fill that gap and how your tool is the new opportunity and how it is the only way that can help them fill the gap.

So always remember Evoke, Examine and Educate !

One cannot happen without the next and this was the same principle that allowed me make 3700$ in 7 days after I started placing my offer without spending a single dime on using funnels, emails, Ads.

And it is definitely possible for you, if you follow these principles.​


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