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Power Packed Simple 4 STEP Equation to promote your product in a way that ACTUALLY Sells 

Know this power packed Simple 4 STEP Equation to promote your product in a way that ACTUALLY Sells 

Are you tired of giving a purchase Links to your prospects to never hear back from them again?

You gave them your Links, as they said they will take a look but then they never got back to you!

Maybe you are a coach or a business owner struggling to get people to buy your program and getting objection that make no sense?

Or you get people wanting to sign up with you but almost no one turns up!

Back in the day there was this one big mistake that I did which brought me in the same situation.

I worked constantly every day following everything I learned, fully committed to my business working every hour of the day!

But I failed to get ant result.

Because, just every like everyone else I was doing the same mistake which nobody told me at the time

And, that is …

Promoting my product even before letting people know, like and trust me!

And now after learning feel hard lessions, see many marketers still do this.

They put out the product in the open and promote it, spamming orders in boxes with links, without building any degree of credibility!

This is not only will destroy your chances of selling away your product, but also Sabotage your reputation as a marketer!

There is no one the fundamental principle of buyer physiology which nobody talk about.

People buy your product last! They buy YOU First!

There is always a sequence to once buyer behaviour and here it goes.

People by you first Only after they know like and trust you.

Then they buy the benefits of your product if it addresses their deeper problem beyond the external surface level problem.

Then they buy your products because now they trust you as well as they believe that the product is the vehicle that can solve their deeper problem.

If you are putting your products on display in your Facebook profile, page or website then anyone visiting it will be immediately repelled by it.


Because Nobody likes to be sold even though everybody loves to buy!

This took me a long time to realize!

And after months of struggling I was able to come up with a SIMPLE 4 Step FORMULA that ensures that you can put this behavioral sequence into action.

This is something anyone can use when promoting a product online.

Here it is:


Free Experience

A FREE EXPERIENCE it’s about giving people an opportunity to see what is possible for themselves.

To show them how they can become a better version of themselves.

To help them see how they can create a better life For themselves more positive experience and emotions.

And we do that through and experience

That is where people BUY you!

You give them an experience that provide value content, training, education, case Studies, stories, all of those things put in a blender together.

This can be sharing different type of post on Facebook starting from offering value to lifestyle to stories followed by a one-to-one interaction over ZOOM.

You can come live doing a mini launch event like a 5-days training or a 30 days challenge where people hang out with you. You entertain and educate to give an experience.

A video series, a series of videos that’s drip fed or maybe starting your own live show, ask me anything or like a talk show where you can bring in others.

It can even be done with something like a series of email, like every day, you’re getting an email that shares a story and give the tips and action items and things to do.

As long as you get the message and they offer right you can try out the one which suits you the best.

So when you can create an experience for people that generally offers value, you start building to know, like and trust factor really fast!

You provide an experience to show them, what is what it’s like, what it’s possible ✅.

And then you give them an opportunity to make a decision if they want to continue the learning and growth experience working with you.

When you provide free value to your audience, they go.

This is incredible!

This is amazing!

And you say

“If you think this is incredible. We’re  just getting started. If you join me inside my program, we can take this and go much deeper”

Now needless to say not all will like to join you, but for people who really get value for the experience you provide them they would love to continue working with you.

So now, you don’t have the problem where people take your links and never reply to your follow ups.

Now needless to say not all will like to join you, but for people who really get value for the experience you provide them they would love to continue working with you.

So now, you don’t have the problem where people take your links and never reply to your follow ups.

WARNING: The goal is not just to give away free content. The goal of the free experience is to create context and the desire for your offer as well as utilize your free content to see how it benefits them.

So, the free experiences designed is designed to provide value and put Goodwill out there .

But if it is not simultaneously creating a need demand or desire for your offer, then don’t do it!

The goal here is not to get sales, but the goal here is to build your list, build your audience who know like and trust you.

An audience that has some need or a problem that you can solve through your products.

So, ask yourself what does your ideal customer need to know? Believe and understand first, so that purchasing become a no brainer and provide an experience that helps them to know that?


power packed Simple 4 STEP Equation to promote your product in a way that ACTUALLY Sells 

You need to have an irresistible offer which can sell by itself to your target audience and place that offer after providing the free experience.

When it come to creating and offer the most obvious mistake almost everyone makes is not creating it based on the struggles that  your target audience is going through.

When it comes to truly understanding the struggles that your target audience go through, it is essential that you can define their dream and aspiration I.e. their dream land.

Your offer will you give them the tools and strategies they would need to eliminate the struggles.

Your offer must have three (3) components.

  • The PROMISE – Exactly what problem does it solve and how would that’s make your buyers feel.
  • The PROMISE – Exactly how you will help them solve the problem. What framework or strategy will you use, how will you deliver it? will it be live coaching or just a product or an E-Book?
  • The PRICE– a range of pricing option to make it easier for your prospect to buy. What exact pricing plan you are offering the offer at?

NOTE: I will have a detailed write-up on creating compelling  offer!


People have a problem; you have a solution and they still will not invest to get the solution.

Because they have the voice in their head which makes them want to stay in their comfort zone which makes them come up with a bunch of excuses.

These are all the reasons that the people are using, and sharing and telling themselves that keep them from making the necessary change in their life.

These are their stories and reasons for not changing and it’s your job to be able to bust through these objections.

Here are two (2) quick tip toe eliminate objections.

  • Rase the takes by planning a detailed picture of what they will gain and how they compelling future would look like and also what they will lose out if they don’t act.
  • Reduce the pain of change using the phrase “even if”. Show them how they can achieve their goals even if they have that specific problem


Your dream buyer now has the desire, has overcome their objection but they would you still need a gentle nudge before taking that leap of Faith with you.

This is where I have a deadline helps. because it helps them to take a decision.

Deadline doesn’t always have to be “closes tonight at midnight” it could be

  • Limited seats
  • A price increase
  • A bonus removal
  • A deadline is nothing but a compelling reason to ACT NOW!

if you give a deadline you don’t have to end up following up for a say forever.

It also give you a reason to follow up and understand where your prospect is at in terms of making a buyer decision

A quick recope of formula


You help them overcome their OBJECTION that prevent them from change.

You finally give a DEADLINE to help them make a decision within a time frame.

If you use this formula, you are no longer just dropping link to people to buy, you are giving way more due to which people will truly buy you, then buy the benefit of your product or services and then finally buy your product or services.

If you want to know in details how you can execute these 4 steps.

  • Maybe you are struggling to sell through social media
  • Maybe you are struggling to create a coptivating social Media content.
  • Or maybe you are just lost because you feel stuck.

Then type in “ SALE” or shoot me DM let’s break through your walls.

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