One Small Adjustment Can potentially Let You Turn Your Prospects To Raving Buyer Like A Boss

One Small Adjustment Can potentially Let You Turn Your Prospects To Raving Buyer Like A Boss

One Small Adjustment Can potentially Let You Turn Your Prospects To Raving Buyer Like A Boss.
Has this ever happened to you that you tried to logically convince your potential buyers, how awesome your service or product is ?​
Because you know deep down that it is something that can really help them achieve the things they want, but most often, the harder you tried, the more challenging it got to get them to buy.​
And, this is because most decisions are first made emotionally and then followed by a logical rationalization.​
​Although we sometimes make decisions rationally and logically, there are hundreds of decisions we make every day, and we don’t do a logical think through of everything.
Even the big decisions where we think we are being logical.​
People need to feel in order to decide and People buy your ideas when they feel confident of their decision.​
Rather than trying to convince them into buying your idea. You need to look for ways to evoke the right emotions.​
So, what is that underlying principle which every marketer out there uses, whether consciously or sub-consciously which enables them to turn their prospects to raving buyers like a boss.​
And that is:​

Focusing on changing their belief rather than their opinion 

It all starts with the experiences that happens in their life.​
Our mind quickly creates a story about what a particular experience means for us once we go through it. We then take that story which we have created and make it a belief.​
And based on whether the experience is positive or negative, our mind creates certain beliefs that shapes our perceptions towards a particular idea
Now these beliefs more than often guide our decision-making process so that it can safeguard and protect our status.​
So, when you present your offer to someone, almost every time it will be perceived through the lens of the perceptions created by their beliefs from their life experiences to see if what you’re offering fits into their existing belief patterns

For Example:​

If someone has tried many ways to lose weight and failed then they will believe that they can never lose weight, and that becomes their reality.​
So, they never try any new ways because now it is their belief. With every failed attempt they develop a dark resentment towards their own inability.​
They stop trying because they don’t want to feel like a failure. Their identity gets tied to the failure and they start believing that they are not the kind of person who can lose weight.
They will then start looking for every evidence to justify that confirm, why they cannot do it, even though deep onside they want change but the false self-limiting belief stops them to take any success possible.​
So, it is essential that this new reality that “I can’t do it” has to be changed, before anyone can take the consistent action necessary.  ​
This will only start with acceptance that their own damaging false beliefs in itself is an immense part of their problem
They need to have a mind shift so that they become the kind of person who loses weight before they actually start the process of losing weight.​
We all have personal battles we are going through that affects the way we see the reality.
We need to identify the same for our audience and be crystal clear on how our product can help them.
Once we have identified the problem that we are helping them solve, we then must also identify the false beliefs about the problem that lead our reader to failure.​
Most people think they fail because of their own inabilities, but you make them realize that it is just a false belief they have developed.​
Identify the false beliefs about the problem that lead our reader to failure – make them know that the failures don’t define them as a person.​
Make them know, just because someone believes that they can’t accomplish something, doesn’t mean that its true.​
So first they have to accept that this is just a self-limiting belief.​
Second, you have to make them realize that the only reason they couldn’t make it was because of lack of information and misconceptions that they are working with.
So, it is a wrong conclusion of their past experiences and faulty information and misconceptions that have been fed to them by the evil corporations which is making them suffer. So, they must just forgive themselves.​
So, what you need to focus on is to be changing their beliefs rather than their opinion and what deep down shapes their perception of reality? What fears, known and unknown plagues them?​
We must then learn how to accurately reflect back to them a detailed image of their inner self and walk them through relatable experiences that helped you overcome that.
And you do that by using stories.

Here are the four step to changing the belief of your prospects to raving buyer

  1. The first step is to identify their false beliefs
  2. Then determine the experience that they likely had that made them believe the way they do.​
  3. ​Based on the experience they had, what is the story that they tell themselves now?
  4. ​Share a story that will rewrite the story that is causing the false belief which is holding them back.​
So, you have to find relevant stories from your life that are aligned to your experiences which helped you overcome those same limiting beliefs in your own life.  ​
When you share the stories of your struggles and the same limiting beliefs you had and exactly how you overcame it, then your potential client will experience the entire journey with you which will then potentially enable them to rewrite the stories that have been stopping them.​
So when they actually start believing what you have to offer will truly create an impact, that’s the moment when one can potentially master the process of converting your Prospects to raving buyers
Are you now going to changing the belief instead of trying to logically convince your buyers?
if you want to know what is keeping you away from getting consistent sales every month, without spending a dime on Ads?
Type in strategy and I will show you how, belief prospects raving buyer
One Small Adjustment belief prospects raving buyer
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