One Killer Exercise That Will Give You An Instant Fearless Presence Online  

One Killer Exercise That Will Give You An Instant Fearless Presence Online  

Still feel like you are not enough ? don’t worry, you’re problem end here.  So, Do this one killer exercise that will give you an instant fearless presence online 

I am afraid of what people think about me

I feel too scared of making mistakes and I hate criticism from people.​

These were the thoughts that haunted me in my early days when I made the choice of putting myself out there as a coach and I will lie if I say I never get these thoughts ever!​

We all have them every mentor I have worked with, has them.​

If you are struggling with these thoughts then this story is specially dedicated to you!​

Imagine you are sitting on the most beautiful pristine beach or lake,​

you’re sitting there.​

you can feel your toes on the sand​…

you hear the sound of seagulls, the birds overhead​…

you can feel the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair​…

you can even smell the salt water.​

And as you look around on this beach you notice that there’s no one there, but you. You’ve got this whole place to yourself.

Then in the distance, you hear something. You hear someone’s cry for help‼️​

As you look around, you notice that there is somebody out in the water right now, he is drowning and his last few breaths, are screaming, for help.​

Again, you look around, you look down the beach, you look up the beach, there is no one in sight.​

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So what do you do?​

In this moment, when you know for a fact that you’re the only person that could help and save this person’s life? What do you do?​

Are you waiting to feel good enough? ​

Are you concerned about how you look?​

Are you worried about what they might think of you and watch the person drown to death? ​

Or do you jump in to help this person and go and save this person’s life?​

I want you to now imagine that you get there and you save this person’s life.​

One Killer Exercise | Instant Fearless Presence Online  

–Maybe there was a boat.​

–Maybe you had a jet ski.​

–Maybe you didn’t have anything at all and you just jump straight in the water and you made a beeline for this person, and you saved their life.​

Now, as you bring this person to shore, and you check their vitals and they’re okay.​

Do they care about how you looked?​

Do they care about your branding?​

They care about your title, what you called yourself? ​

Do they even care about how you saved them?​​

Or are they just grateful for the fact that you help them?​

So, Life is always choice and all we have is this moment and the choice that we’re going to make in this moment.​

I’ll tell you right now, no matter what niche you’re in, no matter what market you’re in, there are people out there that are drowning, that desperately need your help.​

Yet, most of the time, the choice we make is the choice of the selfish choice.​

The choice of :-​

I hope I look good!​

I hope people don’t think anything bad of me!​

I hope no one has any judgments or criticisms about me!​

That’s all inward selfish thinking. It’s small thinking.​

When you’re more concerned about what other people think of you, you’re not concerned about the person that needs your help.​

For a lot of you, what’s prevents you put yourself out there is that fear of what the rest of the world thinks of you.​

And if you’re more concerned about what everyone thinks of you, you’ll never be focused on that person whose life you could be saving.​

That’s the choice you have in every single moment !!​

To be honest, I wasn’t born with any special talents or anything like that. We are all the same.​

I too sometimes procrastinate, I too feel that I am not enough or the fact that what if someone criticises my work, what if I cannot deliver what I promise.​

We all have that and every mentor I have worked with has that!​

But the power lies in making the choice​
I believe the only thing that’s going to get you over those fears is when you’re operating from something that’s bigger than those fears.

When you’re focused on something that’s bigger than you.​

And whenever I get into my humaneness, my small stuff, my fears.​

What gets me through that every single time is the idea that even right now there is at least one person out there who is drowning.​

So make that choice, and you will always be enough!​

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