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How To Do Less While Charging More ($1K-4K Per Month).

[$1K-4K /Month] How To Do Less While Charging More

Achieve less while charging more.

How To Do Less While Charging More ($1K-4K Per Month).

If you’re only charging $1K-4K per month for your program, you’re charging too little.

Every single business coach tells you to add more bonuses and extend the length of your program while still charging the same price

Every single business coach teaches you to charge less and one day you will eventually be able to charge the price you want.

Charging less actually kills trust with your potential clients because you show that you don’t value your program highly.

You can’t only change your mindset to charge more, but you also have to properly position yourself on a new level
You aren’t able to charge more because you aren’t positioning yourself with laser clarity on who’s best fit to get the outcome from your help

When you don’t properly communicate who’s the best fit to get the outcome, you’ll spend hours chasing the wrong people in the DMs

The wrong people aren’t at the right stage in their business. They can’t see the true value of your help and can’t afford your services.
The wrong people don’t believe in your capability to help them get the outcome.
The wrong people don’t see that you completely understand their problem and know how to solve it.

Attracting the wrong people leads to wasting dozens of hours per week in sales conversations that lead to nowhere.

You could have spent that time talking to your perfect match clients and generating an additional $20K per month. Instead, you’re just selling like every other coach or agency owner sells so you get lost in the white noise.

As a result, your content’s marketing message is never able to reach and attract your perfect match clients.

You can attract the right clients and charge more by communicating only what you can do. Communicate your unique zone of genius.

This is done by finding the specific problem you can solve from what only you can do.
Align your offer to the ideal client that has the most consequences from the problem you solve.

Position yourself as not only an expert at what you do but also the best at solving their specific problem.

You show that you are the best by changing how they think about their problem and showing the root cause of their problem.

This allows you to communicate your superior understanding of what they need help with and your capability to get the outcome.

My 7 figure business coach client identified his unique zone of genius, his ideal client’s biggest problem with the most consequences, and the one specific outcome he helps them.

As a result, he generated a $45Kweek just by sharing one post. You have a unique ability in you to help your clients get results no one else can help them get.

When you properly leverage this ability to communicate your offer with amazing clarity in your content, clients will reach out to you to join your program. You won’t see the frequent common objections around your price because you’ll attract your perfect match clients who value what you can do for them.

Attracting the right clients by communicating your offer with amazing clarity is a major focus in my 6 Week 1-On-1 Program.

We also focus on leveraging my 3-step process to closing clients that reach out to you in Messenger and creating a single, predictable framework to write content that converts every time.

Experienced high ticket entrepreneurs generating $3K+ per month are the best fit for this program.

If you’re interested in joining this program, DM me.

I’ll ask a couple of questions to make sure you’re a great match to get amazing results with this program. If we match, let’s get started Linked In,

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