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How To Craft Your Content: The Right Way And Triple Your Sales In The Process 

How To Craft Your Content: The Right Way And Triple Your Sales In The Process 

How To Craft Your Content: 4 Steps

If you want your content to work for you, then first you have to understand the stages your prospects are in so you can tailor-make your content accordingly.

When I first started making content, I only make content for the sake of making them, get some engagements and comments, but I never knew exactly why I should make those contents.

When you are at this stage as a beginner, usually you will go into either “motivational type of content” or “quote type of content”. Those are good, but yeah, have no deeper meaning and purpose in themselves.

That is exactly why you need to learn how to craft your content according to the purpose you want to achieve.

4 Specific Level to Convert Strangers Into Buyers

In the online marketing world, the Path to convert strangers into buyers falls into 4 specific levels as explained below:

Awareness Level

At this level, you are a stranger to your prospects. Rather than shooting randomly, you need to laser focus your target audience by creating a Customer Avatar.

You might say: “Yeah, I get it”, but hold your horses because the one I am going to talk about here is going to be different than what you already know.

Your customer avatar is the ultimate guide for all of your marketing efforts. It is very crucial to do this as this will enables you to focus all of your traffic, content, emails, and any future offers.

If you know exactly who you’re selling to, you know how to put your offers in front of them. But how well did you create your avatar?

Do you have detailed demographics (age, generation, marital status, income level, education, gender, location, etc)?
Psychographics (attitudes, interests, lifestyles, opinions, beliefs, etc)?

If you can’t make them in detail, meaning you are still vague about your customer avatar. So this is the first homework that is usually not done correctly by many marketers.

When you have a detailed customer avatar, the next step is to make them aware of your presence by making valuable content that will attract their attention.

Cold Traffic Level

When you already get your prospect’s attention, the next step is crafting your content to emphasize the specific Pain/Problem that your prospects have.

When you talk about their problem and showing your empathy to them, they would notice you more and start following you.

By then you should have an actionable step they could easily do to get them into the next level either by giving a free lead magnet or something that they perceived will be able to help with their problem.

Warm Traffic level

Here is where things getting interesting. The type of content you should offer to your followers is to-focused content that speaks about the place/condition/state your prospects want to go to.

Your content should encourage your prospects to reach out and become enthusiasts about the solution you have to offer them.

It will also be able to bridge the gap between your prospect’s problem and the solution you are about to offer them, and how to make them perceived that it is the ultimate solution and why they should buy it.

Hot Traffic Level

When you get into this level, your content is crafted to convert prospects into buyers and repeat customers!

The problem that most marketers have is that they seemed to just get one sale and that’s it!

When people buy from you, meaning that they put their trust and faith in you. So in that perspective,

you must craft your content in a way that developed other areas of your current buyers where you can help them and provide the solutions!

Study that again and allow it to ink into your mind. the secret of getting repetitive consumers is inside those words right there!

And yeah, your level of communication and understanding plays a big part here.

And sometimes, you need to make a direct offer, customized-style, and you need to test it so you can figure it out and come with the right formula for your other buyers. Make sense?

Now, I have talked about the levels of engagement with your audience above and how you could make sales and even triple them.

But it would all be just another concept if you don’t know how to execute them in the right way

You know what? You are in big luck today!

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