How To Become A Millionaire Selling Potato Peelers (Joseph Ades) ​

How To Become A Millionaire Selling Potato Peelers (Joseph Ades) ​

How to become a MILLIONAIRE selling potato peelers? ​

Story of a potato peelers who become a millionaire, and what can you learn from this too!

Cann someone actually become a millionaire selling potato peelers?​

This is a story of a man named Joseph Ades​

He didn’t have a fancy shop!​

He did not have fancy cars!​

He only sold potato peelers on a busy intersection in New York, he didn’t ​ wear the best clothes, he didn’t even own a nice car.​

His product was super cheap, He sold the potato peelers for $5 each.​


He attracted customers with his charm and then demonstrated the product right in front of them on the sidewalk.​

He spent his days selling potato peelers on a sidewalk in New York City because he wanted to put his granddaughters through college so they wouldn’t have to do the same.​

Often times he used to be charged by New York police to move away as he did not have a license to sell.​

But he was still able to become a millionaire just selling potato peels.​

He even had a posh Park Avenue apartment. where he spent his nights in.​

And, even in his mid-70’s, Ades got up before the sunrise and set out to sell his potato peelers six days a week.​

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Ades kept it simple

Hee found something that worked, stuck with his product, trusted his sales ability, and worked hard every day.​

And it was through that hard work that he made an incredibly simple business plan into a massive success that turned him into a millionaire until he eventually passed away on February 1st 2009. ​

He said in a 2008 appearance on The Today Show: ​ – “Never underestimate a small amount of money”

Now looking back at this story there are some fundamental truths which we all can learn especially if you are starting out as a solopreneur!​

He kept things simple.​

He kept on doing that one simple thing over and over till he got really good at it .​

He found solutions to whatever challenges he came up against.​

He did something which he loved to death and as a result he could make something as outwardly mundane as a potato peeler seem exciting!​

​He had a mission bigger than himself admitting his grand daughters to college.

​​So much we can learn from looking at entrepreneurs who take simple systems and run with them. ​

​He did not judge his work no matter how insignificant it seemed, he got extremely good at that one simple thing.​

​Every time I scroll through my Facebook, I see people boasting about all they have seven income streams or their 10, income streams, and all of that crap!​

And often, you know, it’s some guru that told them they need as many income streams as possible by referencing people like Warren Buffet, who has a bunch of income streams!​

​Look, Warren Buffet is a billionaire, he can hire the best people on the planet to run every income stream he has.​

​You don’t need any other income streams when you’re starting out. ​

​Because when you are starting out, you’re by yourself and the more you divide your energy between the income streams, the less energy each income stream gets.​

​And then all your competition will dominate you because they focus on one thing, they are 100% and you will always be less than 100% in any of the income streams. ​

You actually make it much longer or yourself to be successful. By spreading your attention between different things.​

Just like Joseph you should not be thinking about another income stream till you hit your first million dollar with a certain income stream. ​

​That’s just the reality and I am in this journey too! ​

If your goal is to make money online, then you should find out that one thing and make it work until it works. ​
​Its all about constantly improving your systems with one small detail at a time until it’s perfect.​

So, do you think you can use a simple FREE marketing and sales system, with no ads, no fancy website or funnels to build a 6-figure business?​

​You just need three things.​

Build an Audience who might be interested in your offer.​​

​Provide massive value through captivating content that builds relationships.​

​Have an irresistible offer that your audience would buy from you.​

​You just need to know the simple things and do it everyday, without judging what you do, and aligning yourself to a mission bigger than you!​

Do you see how simple it is to become a millionaire?​

It becomes hard only when you distract yourself with all the shinny objects that seem cool!​

​But the fact is success is all about doing the small mundane boring task over and over again, till you execute it to perfection!​

How many of you could relate to this?

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