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How To Attract People To Do online Business With you 

3 Simple Steps To Attract People To Do Business With You

How To Attract People To Do online Business With you 

When I first started my online business blogging back in 2012, I struggle to get people to join me but no way because none of my friends back in secondary school knows the online business

It was only two guys in my community “GT Chrisent & BEN10” that knows blogging and marketing ideas

When I created my first blog from Blogger Blogspot I name it ( Mydport)

OMG, that’s Crazy

I’d be posting every day and the only people that would comment was my upline (Smiling)

I had kept my profile hidden from friends members as I was so shy but the people I know, none of them would support me

I began to wonder why most of my friends were NOTE into blogging, marketing and couldn’t see my opportunity the way I did…

I later realized that it’s because I was going for every day instead of focusing on people who wanted to have what I had

If you are spending a lot of your time messaging the wrong people, the right ones will not even see you. “That’s what I noticed”

And that is why I missed the Golden Opportunity from my bosses GT Chrisent and BEN10  because of my shyness.

I was Invisible to them because I lost in the sea of all marketers who are trying to sell the same thing as me

The Good news is it’s not that hard to get noticed by the RIGHT people who want what you have.

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And it all comes down to

3 Simple Steps

Step 1️. setting up your profile the right way with a good picture of yourself, a clear FB cover with a call to action and it will attract people to connect with you even if you’re not on social media

Step 2. Start posting valuable content that your prospect would want instead of a random post

Step 3️. Start engaging and building a relationship with people who add you as a friend and want to follow your journey

These 3 SIMPLE STEPS might sound so simple but the majority of newbie marketers fail right from the start just because they don’t set up the right foundation

It’s the very first thing we focus on with our new teammates because if you don’t have this setup right.

You’ll end up losing and repelling all the people you are trying so hard to attract

That’s why I am hosting a live workshop inside a private FB Group to show you

this super simple training will help you set up your foundation right from the start and the right people will start noticing you and coming to you for more information and see you as the expert in your niche

_Not to mention it will make it so much easier to attract leaders towards you

_It’s super simple to implement and I will also show you how you can leverage

this information to make an extra income

If that’s you

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As I can’t wait to help you set up your profile more professionally, intriguing, attractive, and make an income out of it.

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