How Much Of Free Content Should You Actually Put Out There  ​

How Much Of Free Content Should You Actually Put Out There  ​

How much of Free Content should you actually put out there ?

Did you ever have this question pop in your head.​

If I give away everything for free then what is it that I will sell? ​

Guess what, this is what most of your competitors are thinking.​

​Is it about free contents? Or paid free content?

​Now what if, you always have a compelling offer to sell even if you keep on giving out all your content and everything you know for free?​

You will stand out because your heart is bigger than all of them, and your information is completely free.

If it is a really good information, then people will love you either way.​

You will build a massive authority, you will build trust, you will give them a tremendous value that will make you a Jam-packed value powerhouse which will eventually let you attract your dream customers like an irresistible magnet

As Gary V says give it all away for free.​

But you must be wondering “If we give all away for free what will I charge people money for” 

Here it is:​

“Give away the information but charge for the transformation, for the hand holding, for the implementation and customization”

People don’t pay money to have information that is already out there, what they really need is to be able to apply that information to achieve results in their own business, relationships or health.​

People don’t search for information to learn; they want information so that they can achieve a result and that’s what people will pay you for.​

So, when you leverage your personal experience, and your learning from your struggles to accelerate your students or client’s path to the promised result.​

That’s when you charge them and they will be more than happy to pay✅.​

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Charge them for the Assets that will enable transformation.

You give them the access to resources, assets and training that will enable them to put the knowledge to action and achieve the results, and the transformation faster.

A course that has the filtered and organized information, that has the implementation steps crafted out and simplified for them.​

Daily Step by Step action plans with an accountability group.​

​​Pdf hand-outs, templates, swipe files, work-sheets or any Done For You resources that they can just plug and play to help them reach the result easier.​

Chargee them for hand-holding and personalization

Along with the courses, you can offer them customized coaching, consultation or training sessions that is specially tailored to their obstacles and needs✅.​

Now, How do you actually formulate this irrespective of your niche?

This is something I learned from Russel’s Book Expert Secrets.​

Always have a Framework 

It is a way to break down the entire process, to take someone from point A​

​👉i.e. the hell, the pain and the struggles they are going through to point B ​

👉i.e. the heaven, the paradise, the dream where they want to reach.

Like a 6-step process, or maybe a process where all the steps happen in parallel (I cover this in a separate resource).​

The framework with all the steps is the strategy and the individual steps are the specific tactics. In fact there is a difference in between strategy and tactic.​

The strategy refers to an overall plan, while tactics signify the individual actions needed to bring about that plan, strategy is long term and general, while tactics are short-term and specific (taken from Far name Street blog)

When you provide the free information, you can provide the framework strategy. You can break down the strategy and present each step in details.

You can even provide the tactics, which they can take and apply on their own.​

But then You can charge money for the implementation of these tactics, understanding the strategies at a deeper level, the resources and assets.​

You can create course centred around this.​

You can then charge them even higher for the customization, by providing them resources specific to their needs, hand holding them and training them to overcome the obstacles specific to what they are facing in their journey by using your unique insights and expertise.

There you go! After reading this I am sure that you no longer feel that you will have nothing to sell if you give away your stuff for free.​

Do let me know if this helps.​

If you want to get a deep dive and master the art of creating compelling copies or struggling to sell through social media or maybe you feel you are lost

Then type in “Sales” or shoot me a DM on facebook Let’s break through your walls !

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