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7 Steps to Creating A Compelling Copy That Sells – Sell Millions Of Dollars Without Opening Your Mouth

How to Sell Millions of Dollars without opening your mouth -7 Steps to creating a compelling copy that sells.​

What if I tell you instead of speaking a single word, you can still get sales?​

Yes, there is just this one fundamental skill you need to know first before selling online EVER.​

Instead of using your spoken words, you’re using your written words in print, to persuade, convince and influence someone to make a buying purchase or to make a decision.

And that is copy writing!​

Copy writing is your ability to closing on print or getting sales for introverts.

Youu can have exactly the same product. But the way that you write and you communicate about it, particularly your marketing message will determine whether you make 100$ or 10,000$.​

The biggest sin when it comes to businesses is when you don’t have any understanding of what copywriting is.​

And No! You do not need to be a Phd in English to learn this skill.​

If you want to know the seven steps that you can take every single time you write a copy then this is for you!​

If you go through these steps, I promise you by the end of these seven steps, your copy will be so much more powerful and way more compelling than ever 💯.​

7 Steps to Creating a Compelling copy that sells.​

So here it goes!​

1. Identify your ideal customer​

You need to first understand truly who your ideal customer is. As a general rule 80% of your total time should be devoted to research and 20% in writing.​

Get into one on one conversations with your target audience and try to figure out what are the obstacles and problems. The amount of money you make is in direct proportion to how well you understand customers.

Always follow the NAA rule – Need Ability and Authority.​

They must have a need for your product, the ability to buy your product i.e. able to pay for it, the authority to buy your product i.e. they should be the decision maker.

2. Create an Irresistible Offer​

You got to think about how could you make your offer as compelling as possible.​

When you can come up with an offer that’s so irresistible, it’s easy to sell, in fact, a great offer, you can say less and it will still sell.​

Let’s say you have an idea, you have an offer, you want to test it out.​

Whoever your target market is, you hang out with your target market whether in person or in social media, you bring your offer and you show it to them.​

And if they say to you, something like​

“This is good, gives a pat at your back and walks off with a smile”​

Then Your offer sucks. It means it’s not good.

The reaction you want is as soon as they read the Ad they will say How can I buy this? Here is my credit card. The minute they put some money on line, that’s when you know, you got something🪙.​

You need the real reaction because people vote with the wallets. Don’t listen to just what they say watch what they do

3. Master features and benefits lists 

What you should do is list every single feature and benefit about your offer.​

A feature is what your product or offer is. A benefit is what it does.​

List every single thing possibly that people would get, they would benefit from your product or service.​

The easiest way to do this is you create that long list of every possible features and then you ask yourself the question. So what?​

Let’s say you are selling a computer. And you might think, that this computer only has five features. But that’s not enough.​

You want every single possible scenario.​

And lastly look at the benefits of the benefits.​

If someone wants a drill, the benefit is they will be able to drill a hole in the wall.​

But the benefit of the benefit is they will be able to hang beautiful pictures, that creates the right ambience for them or make someone happy by putting up a painting.​

4. Have attention-grabbing headlines

You want your headlines to be very compelling, you can make it highly benefit driven, or you can use it to drive curiosity.​

Or sometimes a use just like a power punch with that stack benefit.​

There are different headline angles you can take, and I put it out in a separate post here ?

5. Use pre-emptive objection Elimination

Even if we believe that the new change is worth pursuing, we will still have reasons to not take the plunge. ​

So, this is where you answer the most threatening doubts in their mind.​

If you can address the objections even before they have a chance to think of them, they will think that you can read their mind.​

So, you can create a set of content around these objections.​

You can use stories, anecdotes, case study or social proof that is centred around eliminating these objections.​

If you have a sales letter then imagine all the objections that you can think of that your customers might have that prevent them from buying your product and then you just turn into FAQ.​

6. Leverage the power of comparison

When you are selling something, every single person, before they make a purchase, you’re not just selling them the benefit, you’re always selling against, something.​

So, they’re thinking if I buy this, I’m going to lose that.

When you have nothing to compare your offer with, they come up with their own comparison. It’s better you give them the comparison.​

One of the most common comparison is what they are gaining vs. what they are losing where you clear a clear contrast of things they can achieve vs. the things they can lose out depending on your offer.​

7. Having a precise call to action with a strong why 

Now you’ve done all this work, you’ve done your research, the offer, you’ve done the headline, you’ve done bullet, you’ve done FAQ, you’ve done all these things.

You’ve done the offer at the end; how do you want them to buy?​

  • Is it clicking here?​
  • Is it buying right now?​
  • Is it booking the call with you?​
  • Is it visiting your office set of appointment?​

Whatever it is, you got to make it so simple, precise and clear.​

Also, you need to answer the question why they need to act now, because people they love to procrastinate.​

Unless there’s a reason to actor a sense of urgency to act now. People don’t act.

So why would they act? – Limited time, limited quantity, something exclusive, fast action discount.​

You need to have a strong reason for them to act.

So, there you go, the 7 steps to creating a compelling copy that sells.​

which step are you at right now? Drop in your take below.

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