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3 Reasons why you should write your content.

3 Biggest Reason Why You Need To Make Your Own Content

3 Biggest Reason Why You Need To Make Your Content (That will Shock You)

The 3 reasons why you should write your content. I was quite shocked when one of my friends filed a report to a famous affiliate marketing platform because someone is copying his entire video content and even copywriting but blurring my friend’s face!

Can you imagine how that feels?  You put in the effort and even struggle to make your content and somebody stole it away just like that?

I know that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but copy-pasting someone’s content without their consent and permission is not cool!

I know people are lazy, but come on, what good will come up from stealing?

I have experienced one time that someone is copy-pasting my FB post literally word by word. Instead of angry, I was laughing hard (Smile)

Why? Because I wrote my personal experience and a bit of myself which is different from the person who copied my post.

The story ends with the person apologizing and lives happily ever after (who doesn’t love a happy ending right? )

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3 Reasons why you should write your content.

So in light of the event, I would like to point out 3 Reasons why you should write your content. Here we go:

1 Creating content is an Art

You need some time to master content creation. It won’t happen overnight unless you got a Genie under your bed

Just like you can’t become a Jedi Master even when you have Yoda trained you, you need to keep practice and someday you can produce things like the Sistine chapel (who knows).

Be your own Michaelangelo, don’t be someone else’s copy

And when you do, the reward itself is way more than the hard work you have done.

When you read my content, you can see the journey I have been through, and it is uniquely my own as it is yours.

2. Your content speaks for you

Your content speaks for you

Yes, it’s only words (or pictures, or videos), but they can convey your message,

they are your messenger to the world since we no longer have boundaries thanks to the Internet.

When you read my content, doesn’t it feels like I am talking to you directly face to face?

That’s the power of content, and as I said, it is uniquely yours, and it is the one thing that represents your thinking.

3. Your content does the heavy lifting for you

You can copy, but not copy-pasting. That’s is why it is called copywriting. You get the ideas, and you made it your own.

And you know what? Copywriting when done correctly will make you tons of sales as if they are your own private sales team working 24/7 for you!

Alright, so there goes my rant today, and I hope you get something out of this.

And you know what? Today is your lucky day!

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