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3 quick ways of helping your prospects

3 Quick Ways Of Helping Your prospects To Open Up To you​

Do this if your prospects are not opening up to you – 3 Quick ways of helping your prospects to open up to you

3 quick ways of helping your prospects

​You are going out there and starting conversations with your prospects whether it’s over messenger or the phone or in your appointment calls.​

​You then ask questions to your prospects and they often don’t open up to you.​

​Maybe you ask a question in messenger and lo behold you never get to hear back from them.​

​Even if you are not pitching them anything upfront, you find yourself struggling to move the conversation forward!​

Well, you are not alone!​

Right now the trust is at an all-time low.

With everyone making unheard claims, pitching their products, it becomes more difficult for your prospects to open up.​

And when your prospect fails to open up, you fail to establish authority and relatability without which a sale simply won’t happen.​

​So, what is it that you can do to not come off as pushy, agenda-based so that your prospects start opening up to you?​

Here are some behavioral patterns that you can adopt coming straight from the science of human nature.​

3 Quick Ways Of Helping Your prospects

Knowing the 3 Quick ways of helping your prospect is very important

1 Disqualify Yourself.

Rather than trying to prove how awesome you are, disqualify

So instead of saying​

​“Hey, How can I help you” or Of Course I can Surely help you”

You would rather say​

“Well I don’t know if I can  I have been doing this for the last 4 years I can give it a try”

​“Well I don’t even know if I can help you yet probably I would need to know more about where are you stuck at

​By saying this you are going against the tide, you stand out because unlike others you are not jumping in​

You are demonstrating that you can take up a task only if it is something you can help them at.​

The authenticity and authority of This project and ultimately win their trust

2 Take Permission Instead of being Assumptive

Never say this

Okay, Mr prospect why don’t we should do another call soon to talk more about this solution that will work for you.

Take permission instead of being assumptive.​

Okay, X you know we enjoyed the call.

What we can do with your permission, of course, is we can set up another appointment to see if what we are doing here would work for the situation that you talked about

​Would that be appreciated?

(Thinking….) All the other salespeople that are still using assumptive languaging trigger sales pressure, by being too eager.​edge

3 Always Agree.

What happens when someone disagrees with what you think or say?​

You will immediately close yourself up. You will turn defensive.​

Well, it is no different when it comes to your prospects!​

Let’s say your prospect tells you.​

If you know this sounds I can just kind of need to think it over.

You don’t want to say something like.​

What? Why do you want to think over it? you already said that you will ready to do this, weren’t you?

Instead, you must agree.​

Here’s exactly what you’re going to say.​

Yeah, that’s not a problem… but what’s your timeframe on getting back to me like, just to see if I can be available for you?

So, here You are agreeing and not arguing​

When you agree and then lead into the right action, inasmuch easier to help your prospects to be in a position to open up to you.​

​These are the three 3 quick ways of helping your prospects to open up to you.​

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