Not knowing these 3 Power Marketing Statement that can Potentially Destroy Revenue Goals

Not knowing these 3 Power Marketing Statement that can Potentially Destroy Revenue Goals

One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome was the feeling of getting overwhelmed and lacking complete focus. I felt cluttered and choked with so much of information that I felt stuck.​

Not because I did not know what way I can help the world but because I was so confused as to where to exactly start from.

Like everyone, I was getting drawn towards the shiny objects and always the next best thing, jumping from one idea to another buying courses after courses, more tools more coaching.​

We most often set impossible expectations of what we can achieve and set high ambitious goals and then take an action without even trying to understand the consequences of it.​

What I learned from my mentors was Whenever you struggle with something, then first place to start off is awareness and then reverse engineering why we have the problem.‼️​

To do that, We need to first look at the symptom and reverse engineer the problem we are facing.

​That’s exactly what I did

‼️And what I learned was I was focusing on the more advanced steps without actually mastering the basics.​

​And like most entrepreneurs I was too prudent to even accept that I am not as advanced as I thought I was. ​

Ego and Arrogance consumed me. I did have the ability to get sales, but that made me over ambitious which made me feel that I am way beyond the basic stuff.

I am sure you can connect! Most of us have been there.​

And, what I realized was that I was actually neglecting the very basics of marketing,

and I was just going around like a headless chicken not even knowing why I am doing what I am doing, basically lacking any kind of directions.

​So, what I wanted to do today is share these 3 POWER MARKETING statement which you need to be absolutely 100% clear,in order to nail your revenue and sales goals down Up

If you can fill up these statements and answer them perfectly then you are on your way, and if you still find yourself struggling to answer these then you have to be clear on these statements.​

Once you answer the free statements, you basically are ready to start marketing to your audience in any shape or form irrespective of your niche.​

  • You will be ready to create offer.​
  • You will be ready to create webinars if you need.​
  • ​You will be ready to create training.​
  • You will be ready to create free Content.​

You will be ready to create everything once you do the Free State statement​

​Three 3 power marketing Statement 

So here comes the 3 POWER MARKETING statements to create an awesome marketing message:​

The positioning Statement

‼️This is the elevator pitch. You have to be able to craft an elevator pitch that sounds intriguing enough to your target audience so that they know more about you and find out what you’re about.​​

​I help X get Y without Z


X = Your Niche, your target audience group​

Y = The desired result they want, what do you help people do?​

Z = The big pain or the obstacle that is stopping them to reach their goals.​

For example​

​I help info-prenuers to master influence and attract net worth clients without wasting dollars of Dollars on confusing website products and services that don’t lead to sales .

​I help coaches get more clients with cold-calling there prospects ​

​I help small retail business owner to take their business online without wasting money on tools and traffic that do not give them sales

​I have fitness coaches have spared their fitness business without spending a dime on Ads.

​I help busy entrepreneurs born their fat without requiring them to hit the Gym

Try and build one for your business now.​


The Domino Statement

This is something I learned from Russel’s Expert secrets which is:​

If I can make my target audience believe that the only way to achieve their

dream goal is through my proprietary system/ Program training /service then all objections become irrelevant and they must invest.​

For Example:​

If I can make info-prenuers believe that the only way to to get high net worth clients good massive audience and skyrockets their sales is by mastering influential communication

Using free traffics ​and the only way to do that is through my Authentic Influencology Program then all objections become irrelevant and they must invest.​

Here is a quickie from Russel himself:​

If I can make them believe that funnels are the key to online business success ​ ​ and is only attainable through

Click Funnels then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.

If I can make them believe that cutting calories and exercising is the key to losing weight and is only attainable through my 5x Keto Program

then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.So, what is your Domino statement?

The Burning Trusth Bomb

The burning truth bomb is a very powerful statement you need to have in your marketing message that will make you stand out immediately from your competitors.​

It’s a statement that will establish your authority and mark you as the trend setter.​

It’s a way to establish polarity in your marketing because you are speaking against the existing convention and this is so important..


This statement will make you new enemies. So be ready for that but on the brighter side it will also give you raving fans who will love you like crazy.

​So, it goes like this 

The truth is you don’t need X to gey Y You just need Z

The truth is you don’t need to spend lakhs on systems or ads to have a sustainable online business , you just need to be a master in offering value.

The truth is you don’t need to go to the gym everyday to have your dream 6 pack abs, you just need to be a master calorie deficit.​

So now go back and nail this statement down

Now there are a lot many statements I have that you can use to further refine your marketing message and make it so compelling that it will make people want to come to you rather than you chasing them.

​But, just by mastering these three 3 POWER MARKETING statements alone will sky-rocket your sales to the next level.

Do you want to know what is keeping you away from getting customer service every month without spending a dime on Ads.

Type in strategy and I will show you how.

If you have any questions to ask , please feel free to drop your comments using our Comment box below.

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