#1 Secret Ingredients To SkyRocket Your Sales That Nobody Talks About

#1 Secret Ingredients To SkyRocket Your Sales That Nobody Talks About

Are you still struggling to get decent sales conversions? ​

Maybe deep down you feel that you have a great service or product.​

But almost nobody buys it!​

And when that happens, you start wondering Why aren’t people buying?​

Maybe You have done all the hard work to get potential prospects or leads!

And then,​

You encounter situations where your prospect says that your product is too pricey!

You start getting countless objections that pop up!​

When something’s not working, ​

When it’s not converting,​

When you’re not getting the sales that you want.​

The 1 Secret Ingredients To SkyRocket Your Sales that Nobody Talks About

​It’s an offer  problem nine times out of 10!

Having a good product is essential but you need to frame that product as a part of an irresistible offer!​

So, when it comes to promoting a product as an Affiliate or selling your services as a coach, one of the key components is being able to craft an  Irresistible offer.​

Not doing this can make or break your sale!​

And this is the most neglected part in the process of monetizing your skills or your promotions.​

So how do you create a compelling offer?​

Let’s BREAK that down by incorporating these 3 Core Components in your offer!​

​The 3 Core Components of an offer

An offer is made up of three main components. We have the Transformation, the Delivery and the price.​

1. The transformation or the Promise 

A promise is a clear concise and concrete result or transformation that your product provides.​

It is all about providing your clients with big results and a deep level of transformation and not just a band-aid approach.​

This can be achieved by answering three simple questions​

Who it’s for? ​What problem does it solve?​ What solution are you delivering that solves that problem?​ What results are available?​ .​

​The Promise must provide an external solution to an internal negative emotion 

​There are two problems, there’s an external problem and an internal problem.

  1. The external problem is we would see and experience as a problem.​ I could see my ex my five pounds of extra belly fat and I don’t want those extra five pounds. And I don’t know what to do to get rid of them.​
  2. Internal problem is how we feel about the external problem.​ So, the feeling of being stuck, frustrated, embarrassed, ready to give up on reducing the 5 pounds.​ Your offer should address an internal problem and deliver an external result.​

For Example:

Go from being embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach to getting ripped six pack abs.

​Quick tip: remember the phrase “so that”

The promise is always what comes after the “so that”​

I have an online course that shows people how to hire other people “so that” you can have a team and choose the right people on your team.​

So, if you have an online course or a product, what does it cover or teach?​

Write that down and then say, so that, and this at whatever comes after, so that should be your promise.​


​Another easy way is to ask yourself, so what?

That answer is the actual benefit that your core product can solve.​

I show people how to get their videos ranked at the top of Google and YouTube​

Now ask yourself, So What?​

So that they can get more exposure and get found by their potential customers​

Again, ask yourself So what?​

So that they can increase their sales, grow their business, make more money.

​The Promise is in the how

When you are making a promise, you might be probably thinking

“I just can’t guarantee that that’s what’s what they are going to get”

Now let me tell you that you are right​

Of course, you can’t! because, it’s their life.

What you can promise is the how​

What you can show them is the exact process that got you the results and how exactly someone can replicate that process and get the same results as well.​

Communicate a promise that empowers your customer, and potential customers, but also gives them responsibility for their lives.​

I’m going to reveal to you the extact webinar templates that generated six figures in sales so that you can create crushing presentation that convert.

The promise can never be ​

Once you buy this course, your bank account will double in size without doing any work!

​The delivery or the process

The promise is this offer or this product will deliver this result, or it shows you how to deliver this result.​

The process component is “How that promise will be delivered”​

What content is included?​,  this video or audio or PDF resources?​,  Is it online offline?​

Membership site versus a Mastermind versus Coaching versus an online course​

Is it live?​

Are there any bonuses?​

Do they get additional resources

All of these things and more make up the process.​

The process through which the promise has been delivered is the second piece of your offer.

The price

How much you’re selling your product for?​

The price includes how much it is, and includes, it’ll also include how to communicate the price because price is marketing.​

Pricing can change the perception

If say you see an offer for a buck, then there is a natural inclination to want to believe that it couldn’t be worth very much.​

Now, imagine you see an offer for 10k USD.​

At the very least you will be intrigued to check out what this offer is providing and have a different perception towards it.​

We often try to create the price from the standpoint of how much will people pay for this?

And that is the biggest mistake that we could ever, ever make in our marketing.​

​You choose the price, and then you get so good at marketing, that the marketing will create the demand and the desire for people to pay at whatever price you choose!

Phew!! That was a long write up, but I am also going to give you 2 QUICK BONUS TIPS as well!!​

Mistake 1# Focusing on the process rather than the Problem.

Nobody cares about how the problem is solved.

You need to focus on the problem and the solution you’re providing before you focus on the process or the delivery. ​

​he bigger the problem you solve, the more compelling your offer becomes.​

This is where you need to focus on the benefits using the question “so what”​

Mistake Tip #2: We make the mistake of having our Price match the value

We determine the value. And we determine the price. And we usually make them the same..​

Let’s say I give you a wrinkled 5$ bill and ask you to exchange your 5$ bill with mine. Would you be interested

But if I tell you that I will give you 50$ in exchange of the wrinkled 5$ bill, would you say yes to that

When the price matches the value the desire won’t be very high for that.

You need to be able to demonstrate a minimum of 10 X the value of your price.

So there you go! work on these three areas and your conversions will sky rocket!​

In case you want to master the art of Selling, Communication and take your content creation skills to the next level.​

The level ​ that actually gets you consistent sales in social media so that you are ready to pave your way to be your own boss and live a life of Freedom and abundance and finally do the things you love

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